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Neurofeedback for ADD/ADHD

Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Neurofeedback is rated a 'Level 1 Best Support' for children with ADD/ADHD by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Neurofeedback Benefits

  • Neurofeedback for ADHD improves focus, attention, motivation, mood, confidence, school, and work performance.
  • Multiple studies have found neurofeedback to be effective in correcting symptoms of ADD/ADHD with about 50% of neurofeedback trainees being able to stop taking medications.

Home Use of BrainPaint® for ADD/ADHD

  • Professional competent oversight of BrainPaint® for rural clients or those who live an unreasonable driving distance from an existing BrainPaint provider.
  • Ideal for families with multiple children who have symptoms of ADD/ADHD and/or symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Reactive Attachment Disorder, head injuries, or other neurological imbalances.
  • Unlimited sessions means you don’t get charged extra per session and can maximize use of the system.
  • The protocols used in BrainPaint® are evidence-based and don’t require expensive brain maps.
  • Parents can do their own brain training to help with stress, chronic stress other conditions/symptoms.

The family the trains together, stays together!

The hallmark symptoms of ADD/ADHD include being overly active and having poor focus and attention, and poor impulse control. Often, the symptoms of these disorders put a strain on relationships at home, school, or work, and contribute to under-developed confidence and self-esteem. And the child becomes the target of an assigned role, the role of the “bad” child, preventing personal strengths from shining through.

Dr. Daniel Amen is a leader in the field of brain imaging and treatment of ADD/ADHD. He has identified seven (7) subtypes of ADD/ADHD and the neurological imbalances with each. Therefore, one size does not fit all. With BrainPaint® neurofeedback software, we individualize the training process using protocols that are grounded in research. We do not need expensive brain images, brain maps, or a diagnosis from a psychologist or physician in order to identify the correct training protocols. Our clients get great results quickly with our home user services powered by BrainPaint®.

What we experience is exciting. We teach parents in appropriate use of the equipment. BrainPaint® made that easy for us. Parents with multiple children dedicate their time and energy. We honor their choice by working closely with them to make recommended changes in protocols as their children progress. Then we hear feedback from parents as their children do better in school, behave better in all areas of their lives, their relationships improve, and children are able to be the best they can be. When parents do training with multiple children, and for themselves, the whole family benefits and is more harmonious. Old patterns associated with expected behavior dissolve. The true personality of each person can shine through. There is a tangible change that can only be attributed to the BrainPaint® training process.

One Home User's Testimonial

Before we found Neurofeedback, our family was, at times, a little like a battleground. My son struggled with behaviors that cause himself and anyone near him great pain, as a result of some traumatic events and unmet needs in his infancy. Developmental Trauma, ADHD, lying, stealing, angry and violent outbursts were tearing our family apart, and robbing our son of self-esteem, friendships, trust and joy. —We found Neurofeedback through a local practitioner and began to see results after his first 30 days, but knew he needed more than we could afford. In addition, we wanted the whole family to benefit from brain training. Tina was fantastic and developed protocols for each family member. She took the time to have personal visits (via the web) with my son to build rapport and trust that he really needed to continue with brain training. She was available anytime we had questions or issues. Any issue that we did have was quickly resolved. As we progressed, if needed—she helped us to adjust protocols. My son has made such a turnaround! He has developed some amazing behaviors, and has become more open to feelings—instead of just exploding into anger. He remains off his ADHD meds, has begun to make friends, is genuinely happier and a joy to be around—truly. As a mother, neurofeedback, I think, helped me let go of the trauma and grief of not being able to meet my boy's needs in infancy. It helped me to respond to his, sometimes destructive behaviors with less angst—more empathy and come from a core of love, peace and acceptance. Which has totally improved our relationship and my ability to help him. I have learned so much, and yet there is so much I don't understand. But the one thing I do know, is that this brain training, and Tina—have truly saved our family, given us hope—and our home is a peaceful place!

Thanks so much Tina! —We could never have made this kind of progress without YOU—and BrainPaint®!

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