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Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Sleep

The symptoms experienced are often noticeably diminished within 5 to 8 sessions of BrainPaint® training.

Neurofeedback Benefits


Anxiety is often related to a stress response, depression, trauma, or genetic predisposition. Often certain areas of the brain are running too fast. Training the brain to remain calm and regulate itself can have long-term benefits that are empowering after suffering with anxiety for any length of time.

Medications used to treat anxiety were designed for short-term use, can become habit forming, and interfere with deep sleep cycles. There are simple solutions for learning to reduce stress responses, general anxiety, and panic attacks, through biofeedback and neurofeedback.


Symptoms of depression can be related to certain areas of the brain running too slow, or not communicating well across hemispheres. The brain can learn to “speed up”, and self-regulate with faster activity and the symptoms of depression can subside.


Sleep is regulated as the brain is taught to relax and balance itself. This is typically one of the first symptoms to stabilize when starting neurofeedback.


The body’s response to stress is changed, so that there is a choice about responses to stressors rather than automatic reactions. When the brain learns to relax and stress responses are reduced, the body also follows suit and the emotional and physical vulnerabilities of stress fade away.