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Our Clientele

Families • Addiction Recovery • Neurological Stability • Military • Veterans • Law Enforcement • First Responders • Homeland Security


The family that trains together, stays together! When one family member becomes more functional, the other family members can benefit from releasing accumulated stress resulting from the ‘identified client’ behaviors.

Our primary clientele are parents of children who have been diagnosed by their local providers with ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, trauma, attachment disorders, anxiety, depression, head injuries, PANS/PANDAS, seizures and more. Parents today are mostly resistant to starting their children on medications before exhausting alternatives. Neurofeedback is an invaluable investment, paying for itself with innumerable benefits in health, education, relationships, decision making, productivity, employment, and general life satisfaction. Children do not need to be stigmatized with unnecessary labels that follow them socially and appear on health records as pre-existing conditions that drive up insurance costs.

Neurofeedback helps parents with the stress of care giving, and with their own neurological challenges resulting from stress and poor sleep. Dr. Buck offers a one-time initial evaluation fee of $150 for caregivers with no additional fee for protocol oversight. Sessions are unlimited. Dr. Buck offers this due to her experience with parents simply want to ‘fix’ their children and who do not do their own brain training. Brains are not broken. Parents who engage in their own training notice they are more present for their children as the family dynamics that have built up around old behaviors dissolve.

Addiction Recovery

BrainPaint® uses training protocols validated in a UCLA addictions study with 121 subjects at Cri-Help in Southern California. Of subjects who received neurofeedback, 77% were still clean and sober a year later, compared to 44% of those who did not. Neurofeedback subjects also stayed in treatment 1½ times longer and demonstrated significant improvements with co-occurring mental health conditions.

Collective clinical experience from 60 treatment centers using BrainPaint® indicates clients stabilize results around the 45th sessions. However, many treatment centers using neurofeedback are unable to schedule enough client sessions to optimize results. The Home User model is a natural extension of brain training that was started while in treatment. Additionally, family members can benefit from home brain training to address the chronic stress of living with their addicted loved one.

Neurological Stability

Current research trends are demonstrating the tremendous impact of concussions and other head injuries on mood and functioning. A review of research on neurofeedback for Traumatic Brain Injury showed positive results in all 22 studies. Interestingly, many people with Post Traumatic Stress have suffered one or more head injuries at some point in life prior to developing symptoms.

Many people with neurological injury end up with:

  • Attentional issues: The American Academy of Pediatrics rates neurofeedback a Level One Best Support for ADD/ADHD.
  • Mood instability: Neurofeedback is widely used to stabilize mood. No intervention is a stand-alone for mood so it is important to engage in healthy lifestyle habits such as sleep, exercise, nutrition, and brain optimizing nutritional supplements.
  • Sleep disturbance: Sleep is one of the first areas where clients notice improvement from neurofeedback.
  • Brain fog, mental exhaustion, memory, & concentration: Neurofeedback helps with mental stamina and increased presence.

Multiple studies show positive stabilizing effects from neurofeedback for neurological injury resulting from abnormal brainwave functioning, brain blood flow, blows to the head, toxic exposures, and more. Dr. Buck can provide Amen Clinic Brain Health Coaching and also coordinate services with local providers.

Military, Veterans, Law Enforcement, First Responders, Homeland Security

Brain training is a process similar to physical training – there is no need for a diagnosis or a stigmatizing label in order to retrain the brain toward “normal”. Brain training can help preserve security clearance:

Research with neurofeedback has demonstrated (1) reduction of impulsive mistakes – errors of omission and commission; (2) improved focus, attention, and accuracy; and (3) trauma resiliency and stress inoculation.

Two studies with Vietnam veterans showed remarkable improvement with 100% of subjects in both studies no longer meeting criteria for PTSD diagnosis. Our clients with post trauma symptoms stabilize quickly, without the burden of re-traumatization or stigma. A study conducted with active duty military in Afghanistan indicates neurofeedback, even during repeated combat stress exposure, helps with trauma resiliency.

For more information, see Tactical Brain Training.

BrainPaint® has been life-changing in helping me deal with anxiety and sleep issues.
BrainPaint® is very user friendly. You can see the results after a few sessions.
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BrainPaint® has significantly improved the ability to stay current with whatever environment I find myself, both subjectively and externally. Detaching from chronic stress patterns has allowed me to experience a deeper inner peace. Your guidance and education has been invaluable, your wise counsel lead me onto paths of self discovery I wouldn't have come to as quickly or with the sense of easy self-revelatory joy. — Home User