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Home User Program

NOW: Accessible, Affordable, Effective Neurofeedback Training in the Comfort of Your Home!

Neurofeedback helped bring the whole family into more harmony. The subtle changes in day-to-day functioning are long lasting. BrainPaint® is an amazing mental health option. — Home User

The neurofeedback training system used for this service is BrainPaint®, which is a self-contained, user-friendly, cost-effective system. See Why We Think BrainPaint® is the Best Choice for Home Neurofeedback and

Home users can maximize the benefits of training with unlimited sessions. Most people can handle up to 2 thirty-minute sessions per day, which contributes to rapid training and cost savings. Clients report that 2 sessions a day lead to more rapid results. Call for pricing: 520-227-3695

This Program Is For You If You Are

  • living an unreasonable travel distance (usually more than 50 miles) from an existing BrainPaint® provider
  • comfortable using computers,
  • stable enough to manage self-care, and
  • engaged in local support system and/or professional support.

Neurofeedback can be used to augment, but not replace, appropriate medical or mental health care.

How Does It Work?

Step One

Fill out our online inquiry form. Dr. Buck will contact you to schedule a phone conversation to determine if our services are appropriate for your needs and expectations.

Or call 520‑227‑3695520‑227‑3695.

Step Two

We email our contract and other forms for you to complete and return. Then we send you a training video and user manual to review prior to arrival of your BrainPaint® system.

Step Three

We schedule a time for your evaluation and individualized training. We connect with you by phone and on the Internet to guide you in the proper use of the system. This training session takes about 2 hours.

After these steps are completed you have unlimited opportunity to use BrainPaint®. For example, some people do two sessions a day. The more you use the system the more cost effective it is!

Licensed healthcare professionals can find professional pricing information at

What home users are saying:

BrainPaint® has been life-changing in helping me deal with anxiety and sleep issues.
BrainPaint® is very user friendly. You can see the results after a few sessions.

The home user BrainPaint® system comes with its own laptop computer and an easy-to-use FDA approved EEG brain wave amplifier, a step-by-step manual and training video, and individualized training and technical support.

Biobalance was a great company to work with! I highly recommend Neurofeedback to anyone looking for an effective way to help improve brain functioning!
We did the neurofeedback training as a family and had great results. From my experience I would say it improved my focus and clarity, giving me a sense of wellbeing. I felt more productive and efficient. As a family, it reduced everyone’s stress level and allowed for our time together to be more relaxed and enjoyable. I am glad we did it.
BrainPaint® helps so many people! — Dr. Tina Buck
Exclusive Authorized Provider of BrainPaint® for Home Use

Biobalance Integrated Wellness is the
Exclusive Authorized Provider
of BrainPaint® for Home Use

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