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What Home Users Are Saying

One Home User's Testimonial

Before we found Neurofeedback, our family was, at times, a little like a battleground. My son struggled with behaviors that cause himself and anyone near him great pain, as a result of some traumatic events and unmet needs in his infancy. Developmental Trauma, ADHD, lying, stealing, angry and violent outbursts were tearing our family apart, and robbing our son of self-esteem, friendships, trust and joy. —We found Neurofeedback through a local practitioner and began to see results after his first 30 days, but knew he needed more than we could afford. In addition, we wanted the whole family to benefit from brain training. Tina was fantastic and developed protocols for each family member. She took the time to have personal visits (via the web) with my son to build rapport and trust that he really needed to continue with brain training. She was available anytime we had questions or issues. Any issue that we did have was quickly resolved. As we progressed, if needed—she helped us to adjust protocols. My son has made such a turnaround! He has developed some amazing behaviors, and has become more open to feelings—instead of just exploding into anger. He remains off his ADHD meds, has begun to make friends, is genuinely happier and a joy to be around—truly. As a mother, neurofeedback, I think, helped me let go of the trauma and grief of not being able to meet my boy's needs in infancy. It helped me to respond to his, sometimes destructive behaviors with less angst—more empathy and come from a core of love, peace and acceptance. Which has totally improved our relationship and my ability to help him. I have learned so much, and yet there is so much I don't understand. But the one thing I do know, is that this brain training, and Tina—have truly saved our family, given us hope—and our home is a peaceful place!

Thanks so much Tina! —We could never have made this kind of progress without YOU—and BrainPaint®!

We obviously can't give out the names of home users of the BrainPaint® system, but here are some comments they consented to share.

BrainPaint® has been life-changing in helping me deal with anxiety and sleep issues.
BrainPaint® is very user friendly. You can see the results after a few sessions.
Neurofeedback helped bring the whole family into more harmony. The subtle changes in day-to-day functioning are long lasting. BrainPaint® is an amazing mental health option.
Shortly after a concentrated course of alpha-theta and frontal-lobe protocols, I went into an intense meditation retreat and the complex visualizations involved — which in the past seemed out of reach — actually became doable! Not only that, but my creative intelligence in general seems sharper, more agile and my frontal lobe executive function seems more mature.
Biobalance was a great company to work with! I highly recommend Neurofeedback to anyone looking for an effective way to help improve brain functioning!
We did the neurofeedback training as a family and had great results. From my experience I would say it improved my focus and clarity, giving me a sense of wellbeing. I felt more productive and efficient. As a family, it reduced everyone’s stress level and allowed for our time together to be more relaxed and enjoyable. I am glad we did it.
BrainPaint has significantly improved the ability to stay current with whatever environment I find myself, both subjectively and externally. Detaching from chronic stress patterns has allowed me to experience a deeper inner peace. Your guidance and education has been invaluable, your wise counsel lead me onto paths of self discovery I wouldn't have come to as quickly or with the sense of easy self-revelatory joy.

...and our opinion:

BrainPaint helps so many people! — Dr. Tina Buck

Why We Think BrainPaint® is the Best Choice for Home Neurofeedback

  • The system is user-friendly—great for home use.
  • BrainPaint® uses accurate evidence-based protocols with predictable results.
  • Special features make BrainPaint® an industry leader.
  • Professionally endorsed.

As BrainPaint® is effective, relatively inexpensive, and with a negligible side-effect profile, it represents an important, innovative intervention. — Steven Lowen, PhD, 2014, Harvard Medical School

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