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77% recovery rate for addictions in 2005 UCLA addictions study.

Neurofeedback Benefits

In simple terms we can think of addiction as the overuse of the survival mechanism that has been sensitized because of life events, loss of connection to self and others, and a genetic predisposition. Long-term use of addictive substances can change brain functioning and produce symptoms of poor impulse control, anxiety, depression, anger, and spiritual disconnection. Neurofeedback balances the brain from over- or under-arousal toward a more comfortable state of being. BrainPaint® uses protocols from the UCLA study that showed a 77% recovery rate for neurofeedback trainees as compared to a 44% recovery rate in the control group one year after treatment. Participants in the study stayed in a treatment program 1.5 times longer than the non-neurofeedback group.

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Scott, W., Kaiser, D., Othmer, S., & Sideroff, S. (2005). Effects of an EEG biofeedback protocol on a mixed substance abusing population. The American Journal of Drug & Alcohol Abuse, 31, 455-469.

Brain Paint has been life-changing in helping me deal with anxiety and sleep issues.
BrainPaint® is very user friendly. You can see the results after a few sessions.
BrainPaint has significantly improved the ability to stay current with whatever environment I find myself, both subjectively and externally. Detaching from chronic stress patterns has allowed me to experience a deeper inner peace. Your guidance and education has been invaluable, your wise counsel lead me onto paths of self discovery I wouldn't have come to as quickly or with the sense of easy self-revelatory joy. — Home User