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Neurofeedback and Addictions

BrainPaint® protocols during treatment resulted in 77% sobriety – regardless of drug of choice – one year after treatment.

  • One of the largest randomized controlled studies in the field of neurofeedback, conducted through UCLA, resulted in neurofeedback subjects:
    • Having 77% sobriety rate with neurofeedback as compared to 44% for control subjects;
    • Staying in treatment 1½ times longer
    • Coming out of 7 of 10 clinical ranges on the MMPI (indicating recovery from co-occurring mental health disorders).
  • Protocols teach the brain to self-regulate – no energy comes into the brain. The process is safe and painless.
  • Neurofeedback simply allows the brain to release patterns associated with addiction. The brain strengthens pathways that empower addicts to break the chains of bondage to addictions.
  • fMRI research shows the safe/secure brain state (default mode network) comes back online with use of neurofeedback. This relates to the neural-network associated with addictions.
  • Dr. Buck has professional experience working with all types of addictions since 1991. She helps normalize the recovery process, empowering clients with their own internal healing abilities while engaging in local recovery support.

Home Neurofeedback for Addictions

  • A beautiful advantage of home neurofeedback is the convenience and frequency of sessions that support rapid recovery. The more sessions a person does, the lower the cost.
  • The monthly fee includes equipment, evidence-based protocol selection and oversight by Dr. Buck, unlimited sessions, and technical support.
  • Bill Scott, developer of BrainPaint®, was one of the original researchers for trauma and addictions protocols. BrainPaint® replicates the exact way the protocols are intended to be processed.
  • Many treatment centers have neurofeedback, but don’t provide enough sessions to stabilize results. It is important to complete 45-60 sessions for lasting results.
  • Some treatment and sober living centers will allow you to have a home system if neurofeedback is not a part of their program. Add family members for $100 per month each when you are at home.
  • Remember that an addict alone is in bad company! Best results occur when trainees are engaged in connection, purpose, and belonging in their local community.

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Then what?

  • Dr. Buck will contact you to determine if the home program is a good fit for your needs.
  • Sign and return forms
  • Schedule evaluation(s) and training appointments
  • Review professional training materials prior to system arrival
  • The BrainPaint® System arrives, train with Dr. Buck
  • The system comes complete with everything you need to process a session including a laptop with BrianPaint® software loaded, FDA approved EEG brain wave amplifier, cords, electrode paste, and items used for electrode connections. Home service includes protocol selection, and individualized training and support.

  • Communicate directly with Dr. Buck for ongoing supervision and support
  • Schedule Amen Clinic Brain Health Coaching sessions as needed
  • Train Your Brain. Clear Your Mind. Enjoy Your Life!

Neurofeedback for addictions

Further reading:

If you read just thing: BrainPaint®: Evidence-based treatment for addiction includes neurofeedback!

Amen Clinics on Addictions

Check the comprehensive bibliography on the The International Society for Neurofeedback & Research (ISNR) website
(scroll down to Addictive Disorders)

Scott, W., Kaiser, D., Othmer, S., & Sideroff, S. (2005). Effects of an EEG biofeedback protocol on a mixed substance abusing population. The American Journal of Drug & Alcohol Abuse, 31, 455-469.

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BrainPaint® has been life-changing in helping me deal with anxiety and sleep issues.
BrainPaint® is very user friendly. You can see the results after a few sessions.
BrainPaint® has significantly improved the ability to stay current with whatever environment I find myself, both subjectively and externally. Detaching from chronic stress patterns has allowed me to experience a deeper inner peace. Your guidance and education has been invaluable, your wise counsel lead me onto paths of self discovery I wouldn't have come to as quickly or with the sense of easy self-revelatory joy. — Home User