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Neurofeedback and Mood

The brain functions as a system, not as a label. With BrainPaint®, the origins of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are assessed with a functional evaluation tool that results in individualized evidence-based protocols.

  • The labels of “depression,” “anxiety,” and “bipolar” are far too simplistic to describe the spectrum of individual experiences with mood imbalances.
  • The BrainPaint® software includes a functional assessment that results in individualized evidence-based protocols. The process addresses the brain as a system, not a label.
  • People with toxic and traumatic head injuries can have symptoms that mimic mood disorders, but traditional interventions used do not work in the same way as intended.
  • Common challenges that accompany mood issues include residual consequences from head injuries, poor sleep, and focus. Multiple imbalances are addressed simultaneously.
  • Dr. Buck’s Amen Clinic Brain Health Coaching services can be added to address lifestyle issues such as sleep, nutrition, exercise, and supplements to maximize training results.

Home Neurofeedback for Mood

  • Training the brain to increase or decrease energy is intuitive on some level
  • If a person is sad, unfocused, and motivationally challenged, they might find that caffeine, stimulating herbs, or stimulating medications give them a lift. With neurofeedback, we train the brain to increase energy naturally.
  • If a person has nervousness, anger/agitation/irritability, and can’t slow down, they might enjoy the effects of calming herbs, sedatives, or alcohol. With neurofeedback, we train the brain to slow down naturally.
  • Neurofeedback is not simply a brain game. The brain learns to self-regulate. No energy comes into the brain: the brain is re-educated to repeat patterns for lasting results.
  • We don't need to diagnose or stigmatize the way your brain functions. Just like personal trainers help with workouts, we do personalized brain training. Your brain does the work.

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Then what?

  • Dr. Buck will contact you to determine if the home program is a good fit for your needs.
  • Sign and return forms
  • Schedule evaluation(s) and training appointments
  • Review professional training materials prior to system arrival
  • The BrainPaint® System arrives, train with Dr. Buck
  • The system comes complete with everything you need to process a session including a laptop with BrianPaint® software loaded, FDA approved EEG brain wave amplifier, cords, electrode paste, and items used for electrode connections. Home service includes protocol selection, and individualized training and support.

  • Communicate directly with Dr. Buck for ongoing supervision and support
  • Schedule Amen Clinic Brain Health Coaching sessions as needed
  • Train Your Brain. Clear Your Mind. Enjoy Your Life!