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Neurofeedback Brain Training for Peak Performance

  • Neurofeedback helps the brain to function optimally
  • Increase presence, attention, focus, and memory
  • Reduce errors
  • Improve accuracy, efficiency, control, mood
  • Helps CEOs, athletes, musicians, surgeons and more

Peak Performance Training

Neurofeedback helps the brain to function optimally, and this means it can then perform at its peak level. When the brain is in a relaxed state, it functions more efficiently. Brain training, in the form of neurofeedback, has demonstrated its effectiveness in increasing presence, attention, focus, and memory, resulting in fewer errors of omission (mistake by not doing something), commission (mistake by doing something that we shouldn't have), and improving desired control, mood, and memory. No energy comes into the brain. We don't need to diagnose or stigmatize your situation. Just like physical training with support from a personal trainer, we do brain training.

Research has shown significant results for improved accuracy and efficiency with athletes, musicians, surgeons, and more. Our brains love to learn to function more accurately and efficiently, following the rules of nature. Neurofeedback is not simply a brain game. Games can be helpful in a more simplistic manner. And neurofeedback is not meant to replace responsible medical care. Neurofeedback simply guides the brain to maximize functioning, and remember how to maintain and repeat optimal states – it is like meditation on steroids!

Suffering from “CRS” disorder (Can't Remember Stuff)? Or just plain not as sharp as you used to be? Fearful that you may be developing dementia?

Here are some possible reasons for cognitive changes to consider:

  • Head injuries: did you play contact sports, have concussions, or become dazed from hitting your head several times in your past?
  • Aging: just like all of our organs, the brain can slow naturally with age
  • Metabolic changes such as hormones: thyroid, male and female hormones, etc
  • Stress can contribute to over-production of cortisol, resulting in memory loss
  • Environmental toxins such as black mold and heavy metals can result in diffuse neurological symptoms
  • Chemotherapy can lead to “chemo brain” (foggy, forgetful, moodiness, fatigue, etc)
  • Multiple surgeries that required anesthesia after which you noticed changes?
  • History of stroke or TIA can destabilize brainwave activity over time at the site of the event
  • History of traumatic events can result in spaciness when we are under stress
  • Statins, other medications, or combinations of medications, or long-term toxic effects of some medications, can slow brain functioning

So why hasn't my doctor asked me about any of this?

If you have had medical workups, lab work, brain scans, and nothing has been found, perhaps there is another angle to explore. Traditional medical and neurological approaches don't always address neurological issues. In 2013, President Obama announced the White House BRAIN Initiative (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies). Between this national focus and concerns for military/veterans and NFL players, scientific breakthroughs on the brain can be found almost daily. It is an exciting time, so keep abreast of new information.

Neuroplasticity is a term to describe generation of new nerve cells, and the creation of new neuropathways. Neurofeedback helps with this process. Regardless of the reasons why a brain begins to function more inefficiently, we have a solution. There are almost no side effects with neurofeedback, and if they are experienced they usually last for only a day. BrainPaint has simplified the process with their functional assessment tool. Here are examples of inefficient brainwave functioning and resulting symptoms:

  • Under-arousal (amplitude of slow brainwaves too high): sadness, sleep disturbance, poor focus/attention
  • Over-arousal (amplitude of fast brainwaves too high): poor impulse control, aggression, sensory overload
  • Imbalances (right and left brain not communicating): head injuries, chronic pain, fatigue, mood swings
  • Trauma-related hyper-arousal (survival part of brain stuck on alert): Post Traumatic Stress, phobias, anxiety, panic, addictions

Many successful professionals have played contact sports during school years, or long after. Multiple sports-related bumps on the head, or outright concussions, can have long-term consequences.

We think of head injuries like this: If you are driving in a large city and there is an auto accident, it backs up traffic. As a driver, we may try to go a different route. If another accident happens on another major highway, it has a compounded impact on traffic patterns through the city. Then we have to create a new route to bypass the traffic jams. Now add multiple accidents on top of those, and traffic can be at a standstill, and we have to find a route around the city to get where we are going. Similarly, with the brain, if a person sustains one head injury, the brain will create more efficient pathways. With multiple injuries, it can be more difficult to create efficient pathways. With neurofeedback, we teach the brain to create new pathways and strengthen existing ones.

Although it is not our personal neurofeedback system of choice, this amazing YouTube from Neuroptimal demonstrates the profound benefits of neurofeedback for head injuries:

Regardless of the type of head injury, or the severity, there is a solution for resulting symptoms. Research shows that neurofeedback is more effective than behavioral interventions – which makes sense because we are working with the root of the problem rather than the resulting behaviors. We have worked with home users who have had severe head injuries, multiple sports-related bumps on the head, severe strokes, seizure disorders with long-term consequences, and much more. We find that our clients with head injuries often see the fastest and most profound benefits. We hope you will too!

BrainPaint has significantly improved the ability to stay current with whatever environment I find myself, both subjectively and externally. Detaching from chronic stress patterns has allowed me to experience a deeper inner peace. Your guidance and education has been invaluable, your wise counsel lead me onto paths of self discovery I wouldn't have come to as quickly or with the sense of easy self-revelatory joy. — Home User

BrainPaint® is very user friendly. You can see the results after a few sessions. — Home User
Brain Paint has been life-changing in helping me deal with anxiety and sleep issues. — Home User
Shortly after a concentrated course of alpha-theta and frontal-lobe protocols, I went into an intense meditation retreat and the complex visualizations involved — which in the past seemed out of reach — actually became doable! Not only that, but my creative intelligence in general seems sharper, more agile and my frontal lobe executive function seems more mature. — Home User