These populations have proven to be the best fit for the Biobalance Home Training model.

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The family that trains together, stays together!

When 'identified client' becomes more functional, other family members can train and bring the whole family into balance.

Most of our clients come to us to help their children with symptoms of ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, trauma, attachment issues, anxiety and mood issues, head injuries, seizures, and more.

Years of experience shows us that the home training goes much better when parents do their own training. This helps:

o Bring down stress from caregiving children with special needs,

o Reduce the power struggle over a child doing sessions, and

o Give parents the confidence in knowing how and why training works the way it does.

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Neurological Stability

The American Academy of Pediatrics rates neurofeedback a Level One Best Support for ADD/ADHD.

A review of research on neurofeedback for Traumatic Brain Injury showed positive results in all 22 studies.

Multiple studies show positive stabilizing effects of neurofeedback for seizure disorders, strokes, Autism Spectrum Disorders, head injuries, and more.

Sleep is one of the first areas where clients notice improvement.

Neurofeedback can improve mental stamina, clarity, memory, mood, and increased presence.

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Addiction & Trauma Recovery

The trauma brain and addicted brain have similar pathways, both benefitted by neurofeedback.

We use protocols found to be effective in a UCLA addictions study. Of subject who received neurofeedback, 77% were still clean and sober a year later, compared to 44% of those who did not. Neurofeedback subjects also stayed in treatment 1 ½ times longer.

We encourage clients with addictions to complete a least 45 sessions to stabilize long-term recovery for addictions and for trauma.

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Military, Veterans, Law Enforcement, First Responders, Homeland Security

Brain training is a process similar to physical training – there is no need for a diagnosis or stigmatizing label in order to retrain the brain toward "normal."

Results include (1) reduction of impulsive mistakes; (2) improved focus, attention, and accuracy; and (3) trauma resiliency and stress inoculation.

Two studies with Vietnam veterans showed remarkable improvement, with 100% of subjects no longer meeting criteria for PTSD diagnosis – long term, without unnecessary retraumatization.

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